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Welcome to! We got the best free online boxing games on the web. Play the best free online fighting games on your pc, smartphone or tablet on Free Online Boxing Games. If you like playing fun and cool unblocked boxing games at school or work then you came to the right place because we got the best boxing games right here! Step into the boxing ring with our collection of online boxing games. Choose your opponents and try to give them as many blows and punches as possible. Is it mainly about speed and technique for you, or do you ram like a human tank? Play a realistic 3D boxing match in which you also have to consider your energy and stamina, or go all out and go wild in a fight against different celebrities. Want to try out more martial arts? Take a look at our wrestling games page, or at all games in our entire overview of fighting games.

About Boxing

Boxing is a martial art that occurs in many cultures around the world, both in modern and very ancient civilizations. However, the contemporary version of this martial art was developed in Great Britain, from the "bare-knuckle" boxing ("bare-knuckle", i.e. without gloves) that was popular there in the 16th to 18th centuries. These fistfights had rather loose rules. The boxers were allowed to bite, kick, and headbutt each other, you could spit or scratch someone in the eye, and if you landed on the floor and couldn't get up, there was no official rule that your opponent couldn't just keep punching. . No wonder death from a boxing match wasn't all that uncommon.

Boxing Rules

Boxing rules were therefore developed at the outset not only to make matches fairer, but also to ensure that participants did not die. The first official rules were developed in 1743 by the boxing champion Jack Broughton. A countdown of 30 seconds applied, and boxers were not allowed to continue to punch if their opponent fell to the ground. In the century that followed, all kinds of adjustments and competing rules arose. In 1867 sportsman John Chambers wrote the Queensberry Rules, which were named after the 9th Marquis of Queensberry. Modern boxing is based on these rules.

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Now that the rules are in place, it's time to put on your boxing gloves and get ready for the match. Pick a game and pick a corner in the ring. Win by knocking down your opponent or by scoring more points. If your opponent stays on the ground for ten seconds you have won, but if your character is KOed you lose. Look for our complete overview of sports games on this page!